Accent q (ɋ-Ɋ) Type Accented q on keyboard with ALT code

Get q accents with alt code, Unicode, decimal, and hexadecimal code, and more. This article includes various q letters and symbols like the Lowercase letter q with hook tail, and capital letter small q with hook tail .

Every letter has given an alt code which you can use for typing q letter with q alt codes.

Accented Q Copy And Paste

Click on q accent letter to copy, the letter will be copied to your clipboard.

Small letter q


Capital letter q


This way you can copy the letter with an accent and use this anywhere without the help of ALT code. So,bookmark this page for later use.

Accented Q With ALT code

Alt CodesSymbolDescription
ALT 587 ɋ Lowercase letter q with hook tail
ALT 586 Ɋ Capital letter small q with hook tail

How to type Accented q using ALT code?

Type accented q letter into your Windows operating system using alt code q as given in the instructions below.

How to use ALT codes on a keyboard with and without a dedicated numeric keypad?

To type accented q using ALT codes you must have a numeric keypad, obviously, every window computer comes with it but, the main important thing you should know is whether your system has a separate numeric keypad or not. If your system doesn't have a separate numeric keypad then, use fn + num lk keys to turn it on.

Now, let's look at the step-by-step procedure to type letter q with hook tail using ALT code.

  • STEP 1. Open word document and click where you want the letter 'ɋ' with hook tail.
  • STEP 2. Press and hold ALT key.
  • STEP 3. While holding the alt key type 5 + 8 + 7 on the numeric keypad.
  • STEP 4. Now, release ALT key. The letter will be inserted in the space you want.

Accented Q technical information